Four Reasons Kitchen Islands are a Must

One of the most functional aspects in today’s homes are kitchen islands. They can create a physical divide in an open floor plan, add a splash of color creating a focal point, and much more! Islands also offer additional countertop space, cabinets, and seating which makes a big impact on the efficiency and organization of your kitchen. If you’re still not convinced you need an island in your life, here are our top reasons to love kitchen islands! When you’re ready to get started on your kitchen remodel or custom design, contact Home Builders Supply Co. to speak with the Kitchen & Bath designer. With over 14 years of experience with kitchen remodels she can help you achieve just the right look – with or without an island.


Kitchen islands can make a style statement, but their purpose goes beyond aesthetics. With added cabinetry giving you storage options, islands put function first. Custom kitchen islands can include deep drawers, tray dividers, trash pullouts, and many more design features specifically created with organization in mind. Features like these can simplify a cook’s time and make spending more time in the kitchen enjoyable. A kitchen island takes advantage of space with cabinet doors on the front and back of the island for easy access to stored items. An island is also the perfect place to store seasonal items or fine china that are nice to have in reach even though they are not used regularly.


Speaking of the cook, have you ever taken a hot pan out of the oven and realized you have nowhere to put it? We have. Most foodies will agree, one of the most frustrating design issues is having a kitchen layout that is inefficient and lacks food prep areas. Having plenty of counterspace incorporated into your design to ensure hassle-free cooking is crucial. A kitchen island is an excellent way to add workspace so you can chop vegetables, mix ingredients, and place items from the stove or oven someplace without running out of room. Whether you choose to place your appliances within the island or on the opposite wall, having the extra counter space makes cooking much more convenient and stress-free.


Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and a kitchen island with seating becomes the heart of the kitchen. With open-concept homes increasing in popularity, kitchens have become the social hubs where friends and family gather to spend time together. When you entertain, don’t you find that friends and family make their way to the kitchen to chat with you while you cook?  Kitchen islands make it easy for your guests to gather in the kitchen without getting in your way as you try to move hot pans from the oven or stove to the countertop. Plus, kitchen islands are also the perfect place for kids to enjoy an afternoon snack or do their homework.


Our last reason to love a kitchen island is because it is the perfect place to introduce a splash of color that otherwise may overpower a design if it was used throughout. For example, a black finish on all your kitchen cabinets may be overwhelming, but when paired with white perimeter cabinets it becomes a carefully planned design element pairing nicely with the bright, open area. Light finishes on the perimeter of the room keep it feeling airy and spacious, while the large black island makes it a warm and inviting kitchen. Two-toned kitchens are currently very trendy and when complemented with smart design choices your kitchen becomes timeless.

If you’re ready to start on your own kitchen remodel or custom design featuring an island, talk to our Kitchen & Bath designer! She will be happy to meet with you and work with your builder to provide you with the kitchens of your dreams.