Kitchen Remodeling Choices

Will the countertops compliment the cabinets? Which materials should match, and which should contrast? Should the floor be darker or lighter?

These are all questions you may ask yourself when you embark on designing your new kitchen. Our designer Holly Stevens can tell you, making interior design decisions is not an easy task. With so many materials, products, and finishes available, it can be hard to know what you want, let alone if it works with everything else!

At Home Builder Supply Company, we are here to help – but we would also like to suggest a mood board to help you make those difficult decisions.

So, what is a mood board?

A mood board is a physical or digital collection that combines color, materials, textures, and images into a single visual scene. Also called an inspiration board, these are used by designers and creatives a like, including fashion designers and graphic designers.

An inspiration board is a great tool especially when communicating with a designer like Holly Stevens. It gets homeowners and designers on the same page by conveying visual ideas that are sometimes difficult to put into words. You may use the words “inviting” and “transitional” to describe your goal, but a designer may have different ideas as to what that might look like in a space.

What should be included in a mood board?

The goal of a mood board is to communicate the big picture of the space (cabinets, countertops, flooring, backsplash). A mood board should also include finishes such as hardware and accessories to create a cohesive look.

Start by including the elements that will be used in your kitchen. If you are trying to create a farmhouse kitchen, you may want to start with white cabinetry and a farmhouse sink. Or you may want to start with parts of your existing kitchen that you intend to keep, such as a dining set or family heirloom.

How to create a mood board?

Designers have been making mood boards long before the computer. You can create a mood board by simply arranging clippings and cut-outs from home magazines and product catalogs.

If a paper collage is not your thing, use product samples. Many companies in today’s kitchen industry will provide you with free samples. Take advantage of free samples to mix and match different combinations to find out what you like.

And of course, there are also digital methods. With websites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz, collecting remodel inspiration has never been easier, as each site has features that allow users to bookmark and save posts that they are interested in.

A mood board is a fun and versatile tool to use when planning a kitchen remodel. As you brainstorm design ideas for your upcoming project, try making one – and if you run into any questions, remember to give our kitchen and bath designer Holly Stevens a call at 252-758-4151.

New Bathroom Cabinets

Most people spend more time in their bathroom than they realize. Your bathroom needs to be a functional space for speedy mornings and relaxing evenings. Adding new cabinets could help improve the functionality and livability of your bathroom. Here are some tips for consideration before you jump into a new or remodeled bathroom.

Add More Space and Storage

New cabinets will certainly add more space to your bathroom. You can add whatever you want: floor-to-ceiling cabinets, large cabinets with vanities, or two separate his and hers vanities. Your storage will look stylish with new bathroom cabinets. There will be no more hair dryers and makeup lying about. You can hide everything with new cabinet sand their added organizational options.


When you choose new cabinets, they will be specifically tailored to your style. The cabinets can beat the exact height, width, and length you want. You can also create the style you want with a ton of materials and finishes available for you to choose from.

The Right Fit

When you have cabinets that are made to perfectly fit your space, there is something magical about them. You eliminate tight corners or doors in awkward places. New custom cabinets will take advantage of every inch in your bathroom’s space.

Special Touches

The knobs, hinges, and pulls on the cabinet doors play an essential role in the bathroom all together. Therefore, take the time to select the best hardware for your cabinets. These accessories should be practical while complementing the theme you want so take your time and explore all your options.

Increased Value

Finally, new bathroom cabinets are a fantastic return on your investment. Everyone loves more storage and a new updated look in your bathroom will help if the time comes and you decide to sell your home.

Bathroom cabinets come in a wide variety of styles and at different price points. Choose the model that will meet your needs and budget. If you want help in a new bath design or a remodel, we suggest you contact our bath and kitchen designer Holly Stevens for a consultation at 252-758-4151.

What Makes a Farmhouse Kitchen

What is known as “Farmhouse Style” is definitely having its moment. Thanks to hosts on hot renovation shows, the simple country style has gone mainstream, and transformed into its own category. But a commonly asked question is – what IS “farmhouse style”? Well, to be quite honest, that probably differs, depending on who you ask.

Our answer is this, “farmhouse style” is whatever you want it to be, because the beauty is that the concept encompasses a large amount of aesthetics. Designer Holly Stevens says, “it’s a mix and match” and “in general, it’s about making a space your own.”

Farmhouse-style kitchens tend to focus on natural materials and design with cooking spaces that can accommodate large meals. Most do not feature a ‘farm-sink,’ as many still incorporate old-fashioned porcelain sinks. However, if you are looking for a few tips to achieve the look…we’ve got you covered.

Neutral Tones

One tell-tale sign of farmhouse style is the muted, neutral colors. Farmhouses used what they had, paint finishes were worn, pieces were well used, and when something broke…you fixed it. Things were “well loved,” meaning colorful pieces faded, and everything had a neutral, conservative tone. Think white sand grays along with warm wood tones. And add texture, include matte finishes and metal tones.


Farmhouse style is also based on simplicity, going back to the affordable status of farmhouses over the years. Less was more. Farmhouses used what they had, and every item had a purpose. So, with this style, you will see galvanized and enamelware touches, because they were materials you’d see on a working farm. Think SIMPLE. Less clutter and more pieces that serve multiple purposes.

Clean Lines

Finally, along those same lines, farmhouse style usually included clean simple lines. The cabinets are a perfect example. The classic farmhouse cabinet front is Shaker, because of clean lines and easy construction. Working the farm was more than enough work for the family, so when they had to build cabinets, door frames or even furniture, things were kept basic. Very little trim work and no fancy finishes. Just simple functionality, which has been carried through into the current farmhouse décor we are seeing today.

So, Holly’s suggestion, “Go simple. Think comfortable and functional.” You can bring farmhouse style into any space, but if you are looking to build or remodel your kitchen or bath in this style, you can contact Holly for a consultation at 252-758-4151.

2021 Kitchen Designs

The kitchen became the home’s command center in 2020. It was the place where every meal was cooked, homework was completed, and Zoom happy hour took place. When families needed more space, the kitchen became the classroom and office, making it the prime location to invest in this year. Whether you’re building a new home, planning a remodel or just looking for a few new touches, 2021 holds some new design trends.

Kitchens with Color

The classic all-white kitchen will probably never go out of style, but people are getting away from them. We are seeing kitchens move away from the sterile restaurant kitchen look into kitchens with color and warmth. Kitchens that feel like they are part of your home. 2021 will bring lots of great color combinations and palettes for cabinetry, stained woods and islands. You will see natural elements with pops of color including some dark colors you might not expect. Warm-toned islands, plenty of color and wood along with a mostly white perimeter.

Natural elements in the kitchen continue with items that are considered “sustainable”and “eco-friendly”. Many companies are offering green solutions for cabinets and shelving. Hand made tiles in materials like terra-cotta and cement are very popular and add some soul and warmth to your space.

Organization is Key

2020 saw everyone reorganizing their most highly trafficked spaces with kitchens needing the most work. No matter what your level of organization might be, finding ways to organize our kitchens will likely become a top trend in 2021. Larger families may opt for double kitchen islands for more space for meal prep, doing homework and eating. Some may consider dual work triangles, one zone for prep and clean-up and the other cleaning and service.

Open Shelving is Changing Lives

There is nothing wrong with upper cabinetry, but it does not have to be a kitchen necessity, it’s just something we’re used to seeing. Holly Stevens, our kitchen designer, encourages clients to think outside the box and take a chance on something different. Many homeowners are using a combination of cabinetry and shelving. Open shelving is a great place to showcase your beautiful kitchenware, heirlooms and antiques. And the ability to see through your storage means everything is easy to find.

Ditch the Stainless Hood

Stainless steel hood options are getting a facelift in 2021. No matter how you feel about a decorative hood, kitchen designers are blending them into their surroundings or using them to make a statement. You will see more decorative hoods with metals being applied or they could be decorated to feel like they are part of the architecture.

Fixtures and Finishes

So last but not least, let’s talk about your kitchen’s hardware. If you’re not up to a major renovation, a smaller project like updating fixtures and finishes may be just right for you. Since anything goes in 2021, there is no need to be matchy-matchy with your hardware. Choose a great nickel for your knobs and a cool brass or matte white for your faucet. Consider a whole different metal for your lighting fixtures. It is amazing what some updated hardware and fancy finishes will do for your kitchen.

Our take away for 2021 – think outside the kitchen box! If you’re planning a kitchen renovation in 2021, call Home Building Supply Company and let our expert designer help you create your dream kitchen!

Shaker Style Cabinets

Are you looking for a way to kick up your kitchen and give it a makeover? Or perhaps you are building a new house and want to design your dream kitchen? One of the biggest factors to consider is cabinetry and deciding what style would be perfect for you and your kitchen.

If you are looking at the perfect style, Shaker kitchen cabinets may be exactly what you are looking for. This post will detail Shaker kitchen cabinet styles, what they are and how they can create the perfect style for your kitchen.

What are Shaker Kitchen Cabinets?

Shaker cabinets are one of the most popular style of cabinet doors. Shaker style cabinets have five-piece doors with a center panel that is recessed. They range from clean and simple to more elegant with decorative edge detailing. Drawer fronts of Shaker kitchen cabinets also differ in looks. You can choose from a slab front drawer if you are going for a modern design or choose the five-piece drawer fronts for a more traditional.

The Shaker kitchen cabinet is a very popular style because it is the perfect combination of elegance with a touch of minimalism. Less is more with this beautifully popular style. Some Shaker designs have  intricate details such as beadboard or decorative edging, and then there are simpler designs without any extra features.

Why is this Style so Popular?

The Shaker style cabinets are well-liked for several reasons. First, they are versatile. This style can give your kitchen a classic look with clean lines or an elegant look with extra detailing.

They are extremely versatile in style and complement a wide range of styles and designs. You have a choice between traditional and modern Shaker cabinet styles, there will be something that goes with your new kitchen design.

How can Shaker Cabinets Bring a Look Together?

Because there are many different styles of Shaker cabinets, you can choose one that ties your kitchen design together to give you the look you were after. Shaker has it all.

Shaker kitchen cabinets also come in a range of colors to complement any kitchen. Choose the perfect color to go with the rest of your kitchen design, from bright white to a darker navy, and even a beautiful wooden color. Shaker cabinets can take your kitchen design to the next level.

Enjoy your beautiful new kitchen area and tie it all together with Shaker kitchen cabinets. If you are looking for beautiful cabinets that are traditional and elegant, then Shaker may be exactly what you need, contact our kitchen and bath designer Holly Stevens at Home Builders Supply Co and she will be happy to help you. Whether you are searching for something more traditional or you want something with more extravagant details, Home Builders Supply Company can help you find the right Shaker kitchen cabinet. Call us today.

Design Ideas for Laundry Room

Let us be honest, besides your kitchen, the laundry room is probably one of the most used rooms in your home. We spend more time in there than we would like, but now, homeowners are embracing the laundry room and making this space multi-functional yet stylish.

Maximize Your Storage Space

Your laundry room could be a great place to add additional storage to your home. If your space allows, our designer Holly Stevens recommends maximizing the number of cabinets you add to this room. If you have a front-loading washer and dryer, you can add upper cabinets above them, plus utilize them as counter space. You could also add cabinetry to the walls beside the washer and dryer. Making use of taller pantry style cabinets is a great way to hide your cleaning supplies such as a broom or vacuum, and smaller base cabinets can hold small items such as shoes and cleaning products.

Make the Space Multi-Functional

More and more, we are hearing homeowners say they would like to make the laundry room more than just a space where their family dumps dirty clothes. Consider a craft room. Add a small desk unit and cabinets to hold all your crafting needs! And, depending on the size of your laundry room, it would also serve as a small office, or in 2020, a classroom 😊

We always try to design spaces that can serve as your family’s command center; maximizing the area forstorage of shoes, backpacks, athletic equipment, and items your family uses on a daily basis.

Details, Details, Details

Just because your laundry room is a more utilitarian space than some of the other rooms in the home, does not mean it cannot be stylish! Take the opportunity to choose a fun, painted cabinet finish. Or add moldings to the cabinets to elevate the appearance and style of the room. You can also select a fun back splash or counter top – something pattern and color – to spice up the space. You can have fun with this room and even take a couple chances you would not consider in other areas of your home!

If you’re planning a new laundry room or considering an update to your current one, call Home Building Supply Co and let our expert designer provide you some advice and tips to create a space that’s justright for you and your family!

Right Kitchen Hardware

You just finished making all the selections for your new kitchen, you chose the perfect layout, the right color for your cabinets, a range hood that that’s the focal point of your kitchen, and you have one selection left…your cabinet hardware. This may seem like a very small decision but, believe it or not, hardware helps tie your kitchen together. It helps solidify the style of your space.

Knobs vs. Pulls

The first step is to select the right cabinet hardware, this means deciding what type of hardware you want in the space. Our kitchen designer, Holly Stevens, notes that most homeowners use a combination of knobs and pulls in their space; but, using all pulls has become a very popular trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon. From a handling standpoint, pulls are easier to use on drawers because they are easier to grip than a knob. Knobs are better for cabinet doors. Another important factor to consider when you select hardware is picking the correct size knob or pull that is needed for doors and drawers. The hardware you select should be the correct proportion to your cabinets.

The Hardware Finish

Another choice to make is the finish of the cabinet hardware. Will it be the popular finish of brushed nickel or chrome? Or will it be antique brass which has made a comeback in the last few years? Holly Stevens says, the great thing with your cabinet’s hardware is that it does not have to match the lighting and faucet, but should complement and coordinate with the other finishes.

Hardware Style

Your cabinet hardware is the jewelry of the cabinets, meaning it enhances the room and style you are trying to achieve. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to hardware, so having a clear idea of the room’s style will help cut down the options that are perfect for your space. A popular hardware choice among our customers are bar pulls. Bar pulls are often found in more modern spaces, but they also pair well with Shaker cabinets, giving a little twist to a more traditional door style. If you are searching for a more relaxed look, bin drawer pulls are also an option. These will add the right amount of casual to your cabinetry. Or if you want to go with something a little more ornate, pick hardware with more intricate detailing.

At Home Builders Supply Co, we have a large selection of hardware to appeal to every design style. Call us at 252-758-4151 and schedule a time to meet with our Kitchen and Bath Designer Holly Stevens, she will be happy to help you design your new kitchen and select the perfect hardware to go with your cabinets and style.

We Love Laminate

Call us biased, but we are HUGE fans of laminate cabinetry. Not only are they super easy to care for, but they can be more affordable and just as stylish as their natural wood counterparts.

So, we ask, what’s not to love? Here are some reasons to  choose laminate cabinets over wood.

At first glance, you cannot tell the difference

Even upon close inspection, laminate cabinets that are designed to replicate wood look exactly like real wood. You can select any laminate “wood option” for a fraction of the cost, without worrying about warping, staining, or replacement costs. Wood grain options include minimal wood grain appearances or those rich with textural appeal.

Plus, if you are searching for an unusual finish, laminate can help you find your style. Whether it be a traditional, warm, and wood-toned cabinet, or bright white contemporary shaker, you can find a laminate option for you.

You want a low-maintenance option

Laminate cabinets are practically no-maintenance. They can be cleaned and wiped with normal cleaners. They don’t have to be oiled or polished, and they can withstand kitchen mishaps or a humid summer’s day without causing damage. If you love white cabinets, but fear them getting dirty in a busy kitchen, we say fear not, with laminate you can enjoy the cabinets you want without having to routinely clean them.

You want a high-quality, less-expensive cabinet option

Laminate cabinets will always cost less than solid wood, often by as much as 50% of the cost, depending on your selection. If you are designing a kitchen on a budget, this makes it easy to get a luxury look without an expensive price tag.

You need something that can handle heavy wear and tear

Most families have two working adults or a busy single parent, and with open kitchen concepts inviting everyone to hang out at the island, kitchens are experiencing heavier wear-and-tear. This means cabinets need to be able to handle the daily knocks, drips, and spills. Laminate cabinets and doors can withstand the test of time under constant use and contact.

To schedule a consultation with our Kitchen and Bath Designer and discuss the benefits of laminate cabinetry, call Holly Stevens today at 252-758-4151.

Wood Islands are Still Trending

As many of us continue to work from home during the lockdown, we find ourselves continuing to look for design and decorating trends that customers are still seeking during these crazy times. Well we found it; a trend sure to be key in kitchens designs throughout eastern NC – the wood kitchen island. The kitchen island, a place for families to gather, became a ‘must have’ over the past 10 years, and that continues to be solidified with the dominating trend of the wooden kitchen island!

Wood kitchen islands are not revolutionary. As a matter of fact, we believe they feel more traditional and classic, with polished finishes feeling appropriate in contemporary kitchens. Yet it is a mixture of stylish man-made finishes, along with natural stone and comfy wood, that is trending in homes today. This is why wooden kitchen islands sit in the heart of some of the best kitchens today.

As we noted, the idea of a wood island in a modern kitchen is not unique and it certainly doesn’t feel out of place. Over the past few years, chic and stylish wood islands have become commonplace. Instead of using bright colors, the large central piece covered in wood offers the textural and visual contrast customers are craving. Using a shade and finish of wood that matches kitchen cabinets really does give a kitchen more visual appeal. And, when wooden islands are paired with refined stone or Corian countertops it creates a lasting and stylish island in the heart of your home.

When choosing a wood island for your new kitchen, or that much-needed renovation, we suggest you look beyond the sheer aesthetics. Wooden islands come in as many shapes and sizes as they do finishes. Some offer everything you need with multiple cabinets, drawers, and shelves to easily hide all your kitchenware. Others offer a more open design with few shelves, and just a little space under the counter to tuck away your bar stools.

The wooden island style you choose will depend on your needs and the space available in your kitchen. If you are designing a new kitchen, or considering a renovation, call us. At Home Building Supply Co., our kitchen designer, Holly Stevens, will be sure to help you design the kitchen of your dreams, partnered with a wood kitchen island that fits your style and your kitchen’s space.

Cabinet Solution to Help With Organization

Over the last five months, many of us have found ourselves with more time on our hands – that means more time to  deep clean, clean out, and organize. To help with your cleaning and organizing, we want to share some of our favorite custom cabinet solutions to organize your kitchen! Check out our top 5 picks; and contact Holly Stevens to see how she can help you can incorporate these beauties into your own home!

Spice up your kitchen!

If you are an enthusiastic cook who loves entertaining family and friends, we suggest adding customized spice racks beside your stove. These beauties will make it easy to grab just the right spice, while keeping your cook area organized and as picture-perfect as a Pinterest post!

Drawers galore!

We cannot put enough emphasis on the versatility of deep drawers. They are perfect for pots and  pans; plates, cups, and glasses; and just about anything else you have in your kitchen! Plus, deep drawers make it easy on future clean outs by keeping your cabinets organized year-round.

Double-trash pull outs, a must!

If you are designing a kitchen on a limited budget, the one thing we suggest you DO NOT forgo are double-trash cabinets. Built-in frames keep your trash bins concealed and out of the way, making these a gamechanger to eliminating kitchen clutter. They keep your kitchen looking tidy and neat and are an easy way to help you recycle – making going green more convenient than ever!

Can you say tall Cabinets?

Functioning like a linen closet, tall cabinets are perfect for both the kitchen and bath. In the kitchen, tall cabinets can function as a supply closet for brooms, towels, and cleaning supplies. And in the bath, they are perfect for extra bath towels, linens, and toiletries. A tall closet is the perfect way to start any cleaning and organization project.

And last, but surely not least, the hardworking Lazy Susan!

She is the queen of the kitchen, working hard so you don’t have to. A Lazy Susan is a MUST, as it puts everything within your reach. The one-of-a-kind swivel motion makes them perfect for hard to reach, but even harder to organize, corner cabinets. They swivel at angles ranging from 90 to 360-degrees, making sure you can easily access everything in your cabinets.

Let us help you clean out and organize your kitchen with one or more of these cabinet solutions for your new or remodeled kitchen. Give our kitchen and bath designer Holly Stevens a call today!