Why Choose a White kitchen

White kitchens can be considered essential in traditional kitchen designs, but they are versatile enough to enhance any style home. White cabinets work with kitchen designs ranging from historic renovations to contemporary design. If you are ready to start designing a beautiful white kitchen of your dreams, contact the Kitchen & Bath designer at Home Builders Supply Co. for your consultation. Here are some reasons we think white kitchens should be considered.


Just as dark colors can make a room feel closed in, white is just the opposite. If you install white kitchen cabinets, it is a fact that the room will look larger. The color white actually reflects the light in the room, which is useful if the space you are working with is a little on the small side or does not have much natural daylight. White kitchens are popular in homes with narrow galley style kitchens or kitchens without many windows, making the spaces look larger than they actually are.


White is the essence of cleanliness and hygiene. Where darker colors may hide dirt, a clean white kitchen offers nothing to hide, isn’t that what you want a kitchen to be? An all-white scheme in the kitchen may give off a clinical feel, but a predominantly white kitchen can be a great backdrop for adding soft accents with soft furnishings, ceramic tiles or even appliances.


One thing is for sure, no matter if your kitchen is 5 years old or 25 years old, a white kitchen does not date as quickly as one with many colors – white never goes out of style. From classic to modern, contemporary to rustic, one thing you can count on is that white cabinets always feel right.  If you are tempted to redo your outdated kitchen simply because of its color, consider swapping the cabinet doors to clean, fresh white ones. You will be amazed at the difference it will make.


Consider your kitchen as a blank canvas. Your white kitchen is the perfect neutral background to show off your personal style and treasures. Whether you choose to display a piece of modern artwork or your children’s drawings, there is nothing to distract from their impact. It can adapt to any architectural style or home design. You can alter the ambience with an accent color, whether that be a painted wall or an eye-catching feature such as a copper sink, white is the perfect color to show off your style.

If you’ve been considering a white kitchen design with custom cabinets and countertops but are unsure how it would work with your home, call our Kitchen & Bath designer to get started on a design that suits your style.