Cabinet Solution to Help With Organization

Over the last five months, many of us have found ourselves with more time on our hands – that means more time to  deep clean, clean out, and organize. To help with your cleaning and organizing, we want to share some of our favorite custom cabinet solutions to organize your kitchen! Check out our top 5 picks; and contact Holly Stevens to see how she can help you can incorporate these beauties into your own home!

Spice up your kitchen!

If you are an enthusiastic cook who loves entertaining family and friends, we suggest adding customized spice racks beside your stove. These beauties will make it easy to grab just the right spice, while keeping your cook area organized and as picture-perfect as a Pinterest post!

Drawers galore!

We cannot put enough emphasis on the versatility of deep drawers. They are perfect for pots and  pans; plates, cups, and glasses; and just about anything else you have in your kitchen! Plus, deep drawers make it easy on future clean outs by keeping your cabinets organized year-round.

Double-trash pull outs, a must!

If you are designing a kitchen on a limited budget, the one thing we suggest you DO NOT forgo are double-trash cabinets. Built-in frames keep your trash bins concealed and out of the way, making these a gamechanger to eliminating kitchen clutter. They keep your kitchen looking tidy and neat and are an easy way to help you recycle – making going green more convenient than ever!

Can you say tall Cabinets?

Functioning like a linen closet, tall cabinets are perfect for both the kitchen and bath. In the kitchen, tall cabinets can function as a supply closet for brooms, towels, and cleaning supplies. And in the bath, they are perfect for extra bath towels, linens, and toiletries. A tall closet is the perfect way to start any cleaning and organization project.

And last, but surely not least, the hardworking Lazy Susan!

She is the queen of the kitchen, working hard so you don’t have to. A Lazy Susan is a MUST, as it puts everything within your reach. The one-of-a-kind swivel motion makes them perfect for hard to reach, but even harder to organize, corner cabinets. They swivel at angles ranging from 90 to 360-degrees, making sure you can easily access everything in your cabinets.

Let us help you clean out and organize your kitchen with one or more of these cabinet solutions for your new or remodeled kitchen. Give our kitchen and bath designer Holly Stevens a call today!