Wood Islands are Still Trending

As many of us continue to work from home during the lockdown, we find ourselves continuing to look for design and decorating trends that customers are still seeking during these crazy times. Well we found it; a trend sure to be key in kitchens designs throughout eastern NC – the wood kitchen island. The kitchen island, a place for families to gather, became a ‘must have’ over the past 10 years, and that continues to be solidified with the dominating trend of the wooden kitchen island!

Wood kitchen islands are not revolutionary. As a matter of fact, we believe they feel more traditional and classic, with polished finishes feeling appropriate in contemporary kitchens. Yet it is a mixture of stylish man-made finishes, along with natural stone and comfy wood, that is trending in homes today. This is why wooden kitchen islands sit in the heart of some of the best kitchens today.

As we noted, the idea of a wood island in a modern kitchen is not unique and it certainly doesn’t feel out of place. Over the past few years, chic and stylish wood islands have become commonplace. Instead of using bright colors, the large central piece covered in wood offers the textural and visual contrast customers are craving. Using a shade and finish of wood that matches kitchen cabinets really does give a kitchen more visual appeal. And, when wooden islands are paired with refined stone or Corian countertops it creates a lasting and stylish island in the heart of your home.

When choosing a wood island for your new kitchen, or that much-needed renovation, we suggest you look beyond the sheer aesthetics. Wooden islands come in as many shapes and sizes as they do finishes. Some offer everything you need with multiple cabinets, drawers, and shelves to easily hide all your kitchenware. Others offer a more open design with few shelves, and just a little space under the counter to tuck away your bar stools.

The wooden island style you choose will depend on your needs and the space available in your kitchen. If you are designing a new kitchen, or considering a renovation, call us. At Home Building Supply Co., our kitchen designer, Holly Stevens, will be sure to help you design the kitchen of your dreams, partnered with a wood kitchen island that fits your style and your kitchen’s space.