We Love Laminate

Call us biased, but we are HUGE fans of laminate cabinetry. Not only are they super easy to care for, but they can be more affordable and just as stylish as their natural wood counterparts.

So, we ask, what’s not to love? Here are some reasons to  choose laminate cabinets over wood.

At first glance, you cannot tell the difference

Even upon close inspection, laminate cabinets that are designed to replicate wood look exactly like real wood. You can select any laminate “wood option” for a fraction of the cost, without worrying about warping, staining, or replacement costs. Wood grain options include minimal wood grain appearances or those rich with textural appeal.

Plus, if you are searching for an unusual finish, laminate can help you find your style. Whether it be a traditional, warm, and wood-toned cabinet, or bright white contemporary shaker, you can find a laminate option for you.

You want a low-maintenance option

Laminate cabinets are practically no-maintenance. They can be cleaned and wiped with normal cleaners. They don’t have to be oiled or polished, and they can withstand kitchen mishaps or a humid summer’s day without causing damage. If you love white cabinets, but fear them getting dirty in a busy kitchen, we say fear not, with laminate you can enjoy the cabinets you want without having to routinely clean them.

You want a high-quality, less-expensive cabinet option

Laminate cabinets will always cost less than solid wood, often by as much as 50% of the cost, depending on your selection. If you are designing a kitchen on a budget, this makes it easy to get a luxury look without an expensive price tag.

You need something that can handle heavy wear and tear

Most families have two working adults or a busy single parent, and with open kitchen concepts inviting everyone to hang out at the island, kitchens are experiencing heavier wear-and-tear. This means cabinets need to be able to handle the daily knocks, drips, and spills. Laminate cabinets and doors can withstand the test of time under constant use and contact.

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