2021 Kitchen Designs

The kitchen became the home’s command center in 2020. It was the place where every meal was cooked, homework was completed, and Zoom happy hour took place. When families needed more space, the kitchen became the classroom and office, making it the prime location to invest in this year. Whether you’re building a new home, planning a remodel or just looking for a few new touches, 2021 holds some new design trends.

Kitchens with Color

The classic all-white kitchen will probably never go out of style, but people are getting away from them. We are seeing kitchens move away from the sterile restaurant kitchen look into kitchens with color and warmth. Kitchens that feel like they are part of your home. 2021 will bring lots of great color combinations and palettes for cabinetry, stained woods and islands. You will see natural elements with pops of color including some dark colors you might not expect. Warm-toned islands, plenty of color and wood along with a mostly white perimeter.

Natural elements in the kitchen continue with items that are considered “sustainable”and “eco-friendly”. Many companies are offering green solutions for cabinets and shelving. Hand made tiles in materials like terra-cotta and cement are very popular and add some soul and warmth to your space.

Organization is Key

2020 saw everyone reorganizing their most highly trafficked spaces with kitchens needing the most work. No matter what your level of organization might be, finding ways to organize our kitchens will likely become a top trend in 2021. Larger families may opt for double kitchen islands for more space for meal prep, doing homework and eating. Some may consider dual work triangles, one zone for prep and clean-up and the other cleaning and service.

Open Shelving is Changing Lives

There is nothing wrong with upper cabinetry, but it does not have to be a kitchen necessity, it’s just something we’re used to seeing. Holly Stevens, our kitchen designer, encourages clients to think outside the box and take a chance on something different. Many homeowners are using a combination of cabinetry and shelving. Open shelving is a great place to showcase your beautiful kitchenware, heirlooms and antiques. And the ability to see through your storage means everything is easy to find.

Ditch the Stainless Hood

Stainless steel hood options are getting a facelift in 2021. No matter how you feel about a decorative hood, kitchen designers are blending them into their surroundings or using them to make a statement. You will see more decorative hoods with metals being applied or they could be decorated to feel like they are part of the architecture.

Fixtures and Finishes

So last but not least, let’s talk about your kitchen’s hardware. If you’re not up to a major renovation, a smaller project like updating fixtures and finishes may be just right for you. Since anything goes in 2021, there is no need to be matchy-matchy with your hardware. Choose a great nickel for your knobs and a cool brass or matte white for your faucet. Consider a whole different metal for your lighting fixtures. It is amazing what some updated hardware and fancy finishes will do for your kitchen.

Our take away for 2021 – think outside the kitchen box! If you’re planning a kitchen renovation in 2021, call Home Building Supply Company and let our expert designer help you create your dream kitchen!