What Makes a Farmhouse Kitchen

What is known as “Farmhouse Style” is definitely having its moment. Thanks to hosts on hot renovation shows, the simple country style has gone mainstream, and transformed into its own category. But a commonly asked question is – what IS “farmhouse style”? Well, to be quite honest, that probably differs, depending on who you ask.

Our answer is this, “farmhouse style” is whatever you want it to be, because the beauty is that the concept encompasses a large amount of aesthetics. Designer Holly Stevens says, “it’s a mix and match” and “in general, it’s about making a space your own.”

Farmhouse-style kitchens tend to focus on natural materials and design with cooking spaces that can accommodate large meals. Most do not feature a ‘farm-sink,’ as many still incorporate old-fashioned porcelain sinks. However, if you are looking for a few tips to achieve the look…we’ve got you covered.

Neutral Tones

One tell-tale sign of farmhouse style is the muted, neutral colors. Farmhouses used what they had, paint finishes were worn, pieces were well used, and when something broke…you fixed it. Things were “well loved,” meaning colorful pieces faded, and everything had a neutral, conservative tone. Think white sand grays along with warm wood tones. And add texture, include matte finishes and metal tones.


Farmhouse style is also based on simplicity, going back to the affordable status of farmhouses over the years. Less was more. Farmhouses used what they had, and every item had a purpose. So, with this style, you will see galvanized and enamelware touches, because they were materials you’d see on a working farm. Think SIMPLE. Less clutter and more pieces that serve multiple purposes.

Clean Lines

Finally, along those same lines, farmhouse style usually included clean simple lines. The cabinets are a perfect example. The classic farmhouse cabinet front is Shaker, because of clean lines and easy construction. Working the farm was more than enough work for the family, so when they had to build cabinets, door frames or even furniture, things were kept basic. Very little trim work and no fancy finishes. Just simple functionality, which has been carried through into the current farmhouse décor we are seeing today.

So, Holly’s suggestion, “Go simple. Think comfortable and functional.” You can bring farmhouse style into any space, but if you are looking to build or remodel your kitchen or bath in this style, you can contact Holly for a consultation at 252-758-4151.