New Bathroom Cabinets

Most people spend more time in their bathroom than they realize. Your bathroom needs to be a functional space for speedy mornings and relaxing evenings. Adding new cabinets could help improve the functionality and livability of your bathroom. Here are some tips for consideration before you jump into a new or remodeled bathroom.

Add More Space and Storage

New cabinets will certainly add more space to your bathroom. You can add whatever you want: floor-to-ceiling cabinets, large cabinets with vanities, or two separate his and hers vanities. Your storage will look stylish with new bathroom cabinets. There will be no more hair dryers and makeup lying about. You can hide everything with new cabinet sand their added organizational options.


When you choose new cabinets, they will be specifically tailored to your style. The cabinets can beat the exact height, width, and length you want. You can also create the style you want with a ton of materials and finishes available for you to choose from.

The Right Fit

When you have cabinets that are made to perfectly fit your space, there is something magical about them. You eliminate tight corners or doors in awkward places. New custom cabinets will take advantage of every inch in your bathroom’s space.

Special Touches

The knobs, hinges, and pulls on the cabinet doors play an essential role in the bathroom all together. Therefore, take the time to select the best hardware for your cabinets. These accessories should be practical while complementing the theme you want so take your time and explore all your options.

Increased Value

Finally, new bathroom cabinets are a fantastic return on your investment. Everyone loves more storage and a new updated look in your bathroom will help if the time comes and you decide to sell your home.

Bathroom cabinets come in a wide variety of styles and at different price points. Choose the model that will meet your needs and budget. If you want help in a new bath design or a remodel, we suggest you contact our bath and kitchen designer Holly Stevens for a consultation at 252-758-4151.