W.G. Blount Family Companies Makes Donation to Third Street Education Center

W.G. Blount Family Companies made a $100,000.00 donation to Third Street Education Center on Friday, December 9, 2022.

The $100,000.00 donation will allow Third Street Academy to increase the number of students they currently serve and proceed with the addition of a gym, which will provide athletics for middle school students in the upcoming years. With an increase in student enrollment and extracurricular offerings, the school will be able to make a greater impact within our community.

“At W.G. Blount Family Companies, we value education, care about children, and want the best for our community,” said Hunter Blount, Eastern Property Management, President. “We understand that teaching our youth is more important than ever.”

“The Academy’s focus on academic excellence, character development, and spiritual formation directly aligns with our mission,” added Gray Blount, Home Builders Supply Co, President. “It was only natural that our family-owned businesses would lend a hand to our friends and neighbors at Third Street.”

The W.G. Blount Family Companies’ mission is to build debt-free, self-sustaining, Christian businesses that support our families, our employees, our suppliers, and our customers, ultimately relying on God for wisdom and direction.

“Building strength within the community through education was on the forefront of our minds,” notes Bill Blount, Home Builders Supply Co, Chairman of the Board. “With Third Street’s reputation for educational excellence, we know the students will continue to flourish. We hope this gift, given from our family and hardworking employees, will make a difference in our community.”

Third Street Education Center is a nonprofit organization that offers education to boys from pre-K to seventh grade and other community support including enrichment programs for children and adult continuing education. Third Street’s vision is to see generations transformed by the power of the gospel with a mission to educate and equip in ways that bring dignity and hope.

“The generosity of W.G. Blount Family Companies will have a significant impact on Third Street Academy students for years to come,” said Bob Wynn, Executive Director, Third Street Education Center. “We thank them for their support.”

W.G. Blount Family Companies has a history of community involvement and is comprised of W.G. Blount Family Companies, Eastern Property Management, Blount Brothers, Home Builders Supply Co., and W.G. Blount and Sons Farms.