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Home Builders Supply Co Makes Donation to Community Crossroads Shelter

December 10, 2021

Home Builders Supply Co announced today that they will make an $80,000.00 donation to the Community Crossroads Shelter. The $80,000.00 donation will help the Shelter make progress to meet its needs for expansion. The owners and employees of Home Builders...

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Kitchen Remodeling Choices

May 21, 2021

Will the countertops compliment the cabinets? Which materials should match, and which should contrast? Should the floor be darker or lighter? These are all questions you may ask yourself when you embark on designing your new kitchen. Our designer Holly...

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New Bathroom Cabinets

April 12, 2021

Most people spend more time in their bathroom than they realize. Your bathroom needs to be a functional space for speedy mornings and relaxing evenings. Adding new cabinets could help improve the functionality and livability of your bathroom. Here are...

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What Makes a Farmhouse Kitchen

March 25, 2021

What is known as “Farmhouse Style” is definitely having its moment. Thanks to hosts on hot renovation shows, the simple country style has gone mainstream, and transformed into its own category. But a commonly asked question is – what IS...

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2021 Kitchen Designs

January 20, 2021

The kitchen became the home’s command center in 2020. It was the place where every meal was cooked, homework was completed, and Zoom happy hour took place. When families needed more space, the kitchen became the classroom and office, making...

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